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Casey Viator Colorado Experiment Workout

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In 1973, Arthur Jones performed the Colorado Experiment, an intense weight training/body building workout, in order to see what effects his intense program could have. Arthur Jones is famous not only for his experiment, but also for his Nautilus equipment that he invented and is used today in gyms or is the basis for many of the machines used today. He had two subjects for the Colorado Experiment--himself and Casey Viator, a young body builder who won Mr. America at the amazingly young age of 19 in 1971.

In the Colorado Experiment, Casey had to perform an extreme program that concentrated on muscle development in a short time, just under a half hour. The workout included: leg presses of 750 pounds for 20 repetitions, leg extensions of 225 pounds for 20 repetitions, squats of 502 pounds for 13 repetitions, two minutes of rest, leg curls of 175 pounds for 12 repetitions, a one leg calf raise with 40 pounds in one hand for 15 repetitions, pullovers at 290 pounds for 11 repetitions, behind the neck lateral pulldowns of 210 pounds for ten repetitions, strain arm lateral raises with dumbells of 40 pounds for 9 repetitions, behind the neck shoulder presses of 185 pounds for 10 repetitions, and bicep curl plates of 110 pounds for 8 repetitions.

In twenty eight days, Casey gained 63 pounds of lean muscle, an incredible achievement when Arthur Jones only gained about 15 pounds in lean muscle gain. The reason that Viator was so successful, more so than the person who created the Colorado Experiment? There are several speculations. One reason could be genetics, Casey's abilities already proven in the Mr. America contest. In addition, muscle memory may have been a factor. Viator had lost 30 pounds, from an illness, shortly before participating the experiment which could account for such extreme muscle gain in such a short time. Steroids is also a possibility but Casey Viator is insistent that drugs played no part in the amazing success he achieved when he became a participant in the Colorado Experiment. Something to shoot for when body building today!

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