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The discipline of bodybuilding has changed dramatically over the years. One of the most scrutinized aspects of bodybuilding is the diet, which too has changed.

In the 1970s, all-you-can eat restaurants were much more common then they are today. Bodybuilders used to bulk up by eating as much food as possible in these places.

A typical 1970 bodybuilder's daily diet might look something like this:

Morning: Cheese Omelet with cottage cheese.

Lunch: Chicken breast or Tuna with egg salad and cottage cheese.

Between Lunch and Dinner: Tuna Salad

Dinner: Hamburger patties and cottage cheese with eggs

Bed time: Protein shake or cheese omelet

It was also common among bodybuilders to designate a single cheat day of the week during which they allowed themselves to eat anything they wished. This included all sorts of pastries and fast foods.

Today, builders tend to be extremely conservative in their in take of fat or completely avoid it altogether. Fat was a much more consumed component of food in the early days of bodybuilding.

Supplements were not very popular, or even available, in old school bodybuilding. Builders had to consume far more food to get what now can be consumed through protein shakes, and creatine.

Many components of a bodybuilders diet has not changed however. There has always been a great emphasis on being well hydrated and always eating a balanced meal consisting protein, and a moderate amount of carbs and fat. Fish was also long ago discovered to be a very efficient means of consuming protein.

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