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Old School vs. New School Bodybuilding

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Old school vs. new school bodybuilding is one of the most controversial and popular subjects being discussed today. Many bodybuilding insiders feel that old school bodybuilding techniques are far superior to the modern bodybuilding techniques. Only a few feel that modern day physique training methods are more effective. Unfortunately, the minority are in error when it comes to comparing new bodybuilding techniques to older techniques.

Here are several reasons why old school bodybuilding is best:

Free Weights

Older bodybuilding routines revolve around the strict usage of free weights. Free weights are known for helping one increase the intensity of workouts. Many novice fitness buffs feel that machines will help them achieve massive results in a short period of time. Many researchers have discovered that machines are not as effective as free weights. Test subjects working out with free weights achieved better results than test subjects that worked out with only machines.

Natural Supplements

Old veterans of the sport were known for using supplements that were made of natural ingredients. The supplements in the past did not have any adverse side effects on the body. Many supplements being sold today have many ingredients that pose a serious health threat to bodybuilders in the long run.

Wholesome Foods

Old school bodybuilders were well known for eating wholesome foods. They did not believe in eating fast foods. Many of today's bodybuilding superstars eat at fast food restaurants. Fast food restaurants are notorious for adding a great degree of sodium to their food products.


Commercialization has taken over the art of bodybuilding. New school bodybuilders are consumed with the ambition of taking photographs, doing stories, and appearing on television. Publicity is a top priority with many new school bodybuilders. Old school bodybuilders were more focused on improving their health and physique. They were not consumed with the idea trying to land a large licensing deal. Old school bodybuilders were more passionate about the art of improving the human physique.

Intense Routines

Old school workout routines were more intense. This is the primary reason why old school bodybuilders were massive.

Old school vs. new school bodybuilding is one of the most debated topics in existence today. Free weights, natural supplements, wholesome foods, intense routines, and commercialization are the main reasons why old school bodybuilding is better than new school bodybuilding.

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