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The New Bodybuilding
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The philosophy of Ellington Darden's book The New Bodybuilding for Old School Results is not like any other. Indeed it makes a vast departure from traditional high intensity training (HIT) advocacy. The book brings the reader back to the Golden Days of HIT when training was hard and few used any performance enhancing drugs. It is also full of interviews with some of the most prominent individuals in the circles of high intensity training.

Darden coined the term high intensity training back in the 1970s. Prior to that it was termed Nautilus training which caused much confusion with the later introduction of Arthur Jones's Nautilus training machines.

Much of Darden's teachings leave him out of the common circle of beliefs in the HIT community. For instance, Darden says the key element of HIT is that intensity is complimentary to volume, not an opponent of it. He justifies this through data where significant gains were made on routines separated two and three-way over a course of four to six weeks.

Having understood that the human body is capable of adapting to new patterns of training every few weeks, Darden advocated altering your workout accordingly. To put it simply, if one does a single type of exercise for a single part of the body on a regular basis, one will discover that after a few weeks gains are made at a much slower pace or stop completely because the body has adapted to that method of trauma. It's similar to how the immune system fights viruses. After an initial encounter, the system learns to ward off the virus until it evolves into another form.

The danger of reading this book is that it might confuse the novice builder. Much the information within conflicts with what is generally excepted in the world of high intensity training. But let there be no doubt, the methods revealed have been proven to work for decades.

The New Bodybuilding for Old School Results makes for pleasant and engaging read. Darden's passion for bodybuilding pervades through every page. Builders of all ages and levels of development have something to gain from his wisdom.

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