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With modern gym facilities and high-tech workout equipment, it's easy to forget the bodybuilders from past decades and how they trained. Eugene Sandow, who is regarded as the first ever bodybuilder, sculpted his physique through old fashioned exercises. He peaked during the late 1800s, way before there were complex exercise machines or supplements. This was also before anyone really knew anything about the science of muscle growth. He crafted his muscles through simple exercises and a simple diet.

So what exactly does old school bodybuilding consist of? In terms of exercises, it usually means using nothing more than a barbell, dumbbells, and a bench. Use of machines are either completely factored out, or severely limited. Most believe that while machines may be safer, they do not subject your muscles to the level of punishment that you get from free weights.

These old school workouts often consist of basic compound movements such as heavy squats and bench presses. While smaller muscles such as the arms and shoulders may be worked through isolation exercises, the main emphasis is on exercises that target multiple muscles. This is really all there is to it. There is no need to understand confusing muscle building principles.

In terms of diet, nutrition is obtained almost entirely through natural foods. This means getting your protein through sources like lean meats, fish, and egg whites. Carbohydrates came from whole grains like oatmeal, yams, and brown rice. In some cases, supplements may be used, though it would be limited to the basics, such as whey protein or a weight gainer. Modern supplements like nitric oxide and creatine did not exist in Sandow's time. Most of them did not even exist in the 70s when Arnold Schwarzenegger was dominating the bodybuilding scene.

Old school bodybuilding proves that an awesome physique can be built using the simplest equipment, exercises, and diet.

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